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Exacom Audit is a chartered accountancy firm registered on the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Tunisia. Its founder, Mr. Abderrazek SOUEI, is a chartered accountant and also a member of the Institute since 2001, and has accumulated nearly 25 years of experience.

Exacom Audit provides its clients with a wide range of services in many areas, from the most basic ones such as accounting, bookkeeping, contractual and statutoryaudit, to the most specific ones, such as corporate restructuring, Mergers and acquisitions.

Exacom Audit also specializes in assisting foreign investors who wish to transfer all or part of their business centers to Tunisia.

International representation

Exacom Audit is a member of the international Leading Edge Alliance « LEA Global ». Founded in 1999, LEA Global is the second largest international association in the world, creating a high-quality alliance of more than 220 firms focused on accounting, financial and consulting services.

LEA Global operates from 617 offices in 106 countries, providing clients with access to the knowledge, skills and experience of more than 2.222 partners through a workforce of 23.437 people.

In the United States, a large number of LEA Global firms stand out as leaders in their markets. 14 of these firms are ranked among the top 100 firms in the United States.

The unique Alliance of LEA Global firms helps maintain their independence while working together to deliver the best in customer service and to provide easier access to understanding of cultural and business standards around the world.

Nos équipes

Our teams

Our accounting firm, with its teams of professionals who have worked in several companies, in Tunisia and abroad, will bring you its experience and skills in solving the problems of creation, organization, control and the restructuring of companies, tax, social and legal choices, as well as accounting advice and monitoring of day-to-day management, since accounting must be well thought out as a piloting tool for decision-making.

Our teams are made up of chartered accountants, associates or partners, senior auditors, specialized staff, in accounting, management, payroll, social law and in general in all matters relating to the corporate world in Tunisia and abroad.
With many years of experience, our employees have developed their professional skills with a willingness to listen and proximity in order to bring the necessary responsiveness to the good management of our customers’ files and so, to provide a continuous improvement of their skills which is one of the engines of your success.

It is a mobilized, experienced, available, multidisciplinary and competent team who is at your service, to provide you with a quality service and which allows us to build a long-term and privileged relationship with our clients.

Nos équipes

Our commitments

As Accountants who are members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Tunisia, we are committed to respecting the professional responsibility of the profession while dealing with the problems of our clients and meeting their expectations. We commit to maintaining our independence by forbidding ourselves to hold or to benefit from any interest which could compromise that independence at all stages of our intervention.

Our aim is to guarantee a quality service to our customers, our teams benefit from continuous training and constant updating in the relevant areas of the company’s activity, including the legal, tax and accounting aspects, but Also the IT field and management technology so as to guarantee you excellence in all circumstances.


We are committed to our customers on the following three pillar values: Confidence, security, and confidentiality. We are your privileged counsel and confidant. We know your environment on a daily basis and are committed to ensuring that you can focus on developing your business with confidence and security.


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