Business organization

Business organization in Tunisia

Every business needs an organization that defines the way in which the use of its resources and the workflow within it is coordinated. The more optimal this organization is, the more efficient it will be.

To what extent does our Firm intervene at this level?

Our audit firm, eXacom Audit, intervenes at this level to provide the following services:

    • Design and implementation of procedures guidebooks.

    • Design and implementation of management information systems, operating cost accounting integrated with general and budgetary accounting, systems for drawing up and controlling budgets, performance measurement system (dashboard, periodical activity contracts negotiable, productivity measure, …) ;

    • Establishment of internal audit and organization services (with development of administrative and technical guidebooks) ;

    • Design and implementation of computer systems (application development plan, choice of equipment, staff training, …);

    • Business Diagnosis,

    • Restructuring study, …