Chartered accountancy in Tunisia

Public accounting is all the activities and professions related to the profession of Chartered Accountant.

In Tunisia, the profession of Chartered Accountant is governed by several pieces of legislation and it is the exclusive domain of professionals registered on the roll of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Tunisia.

eXacom Audit is an accounting firm registered on the OECT Table. It is headed by Mr Abderrazek SOUEI, an accountant and also registered on the roll of the Order, who has personally more than 23 years of experience in auditing and accounting.

eXacom Audit provides “traditional” services related to the field of accounting expertise.

As such, we can achieve:

1. Missions related to accounting

    • Integral maintenance of the company’s accounts, the collection of documents and information, their organizations and until the closing of annual or provisional accounts.

    • Customer assistance in the keeping of his accounts and in the preparation of the financial statements when the client has the necessary structure for the usual tasks of keeping the accounts.

2. Human Resources Management

    • Establishment of the payroll (pay sheets and payroll, quarterly salaries declarations “CNSS”).

    • Execution of filing and information formalities with the territorially competent Labor Inspectorate.

    • Management of employee files: Letters of hiring, resignations, balances of all accounts, follow-up of installments and loans, follow-up of paid holidays and paid holidays, edition of the group transfer order.

    • Follow-up and update of personnel files following changes according to common law and sectoral agreement, if applicable.

3. Outsourcing

If your business volume allows it, or if for economic or strategic considerations you no longer want to manage the accounting, tax, social, etc … functions you can outsource all or part of these functions in order to have them run by your Chartered Accountant.