Financial and Investment Consulting

Every company needs good financial management to optimize its overall management. To do this, she acted on the following aspects:


1. Provisional component

    • Realization of financial projections (business plan, development of budgets, forecasts, ..).

    • Implementation of a management control: setting of profitability parameters, definition of dashboards, reporting tools, consolidation, etc …

2. Operational part

    • Provide from the accounting of various information a synthetic vision of the financial situation of my company, especially in terms of solvency and profitability.

    • Diagnose the financial situation of the entity, particularly via the analysis by ratios, in order to determine the areas of risk and the future prospects of the company.

Our audit firm eXacom Audit, and in addition to the financial consulting component on which it operates, can also assist its clients in decision-making in the field of investment advice, including support and advice. in favor of our clients in their investment choices.